Cordless U-shaped Massage Pillow, Travel Pillow, Car Massage Pillow, U-shaped Memory Foam Electric Neck Massage Relieve Pain, Finger Pressure Vibration Cordless Neck Pillow by GYTWL

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About the product
  • ❤ 10 minute timing: The massage mode is set to automatically turn off after 10 minutes, or press and hold the power button to turn it on
  • ❤ Massage, relax neck and shoulder muscles, find the driving force of life
  • ❤ Simulated 3D massage: use the technique of grasping and kneading to cover deep massage to relieve soreness
  • Positive and negative combined massage, massage and kneading layer
  • ❤ Comfortable support: Maximum neck and head support and a compact, easy-to-carry travel bag that fits your neck size, and is always consistent with your neckTo provide better support and protection for your neck


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